About Us

We are a team of good-hearted business people, technologists and investors who want to make the world a better place. Our background is in telecom, mobile software and finance. Ever since we started working together we have been looking for a systemic way to address poverty, fair finance, transformative power of the internet and empowerment. We believe that with Aion Sigma we have found the way.

We are also proud supporters of Oxygen2050, a movement for society and planet positive ventures, and Financial Inclusion Summit, an international gathering of stakeholders from governments and the public sector, financial institutions and fintech innovators.

Aion Sigma’s mission is to enable equal opportunity for everyone. Aion Sigma’s solutions focus on economic empowerment via digital and financial inclusion. Our solutions include programs for women entrepreneurs and SMEs to lease affordable smartphones and be rewarded with a credit history. Our Smartphones4good (S4G) won Digital Finance – support for digitally excluded challenge of EUvsVirus – hackathon by the EU commission.

Jari Ala-Ruona


Joakim Hedenstedt


Radu Ancuta


Hien Nguyen

Data Analyst

Jennifer Kutvonen

East Africa Lead

Håkan Eriksson

Systems Lead

Aleksandra Mangus

Marketing Coordinator


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