We enable trust building and fair finance for everyone from individuals to businesses in emerging markets

We pave the way from informal to formal finance and digital inclusion. Aion is a fast-scaling, planet and society-positive, globally based software business with its main seat in Finland. We progress the world by empowering the individual with our financial and digital innovations.

We align our work with the UN Sustainable development goals, the IPSP 2018 report. We are also signatories to the MyData declaration

Our Team

Jari Ala-Ruona (CEO) is an experienced entrepreneur. He has raised finance, sold and acquired businesses. Jari co-chairs Oxygen 2050 – ”home” of high impact entrepreneurs and investors.

Joakim Hedenstedt (COO) has more then 20 years of experience. Business development and heads program management on-site in Africa.

Radu Ancuta (CTO) solves the impossible. Software team lead having solved several impossible software problems. The team’s software, security and tech head.

Jennifer Kutvonen takes care of East Africa programme and project management. Her focus is on ICT, women’s empowerment, economic development and education.

Hien Nguyen heads our data analytics and econometric models, including prediction models and policy research related to welfare and poverty programs .

Håkan Eriksson is our systems admin with 25+ years experience in Linux/UNIX in the telecom, banking. Secure operations

Aion Lean Digital Innovation Services

Today’s systemic challenges require us to build together solutions that serve societal needs and address unserved or underserved customers. Aion combines human centered design, possibilities of technology, incentive alignment and business requirements. We design solutions with impact and results first. With Aion you can put emphasis on incentivizing people and planet positive change in scale.